Digital Media™



4K H.264 Streaming HDCP 2.2

What is Crestron DigitalMedia™?

From boardrooms and conference rooms to classrooms, lobbies, and homes, you want to display the latest high-definition and 4K sources in their full glory. You want to integrate digital and analog AV signals together with streaming, all on one platform. And you want it to work flawlessly every time. That's what you get with DM®.

Only DM can do it all

  • Scalable from 4X1 to 128X128
  • 4K/60 scaling
  • SD, 2K, 4K, and streaming on the same matrix
  • HDCP 2.2 compatible
  • The only end-to-end HDBaseT® certified system
  • Streaming video in and out
  • The only complete 4K certified distribution system
  • Extract audio from HDMI® signal
  • Simultaneous multi-channel and 2-channel digital audio distribution from the same source

DM 3.0: the digital standard for every room

A decade ago, Crestron laid the foundation for DigitalMedia, the AV distribution technology that would go on to transform the industry. Today, DM 3.0, the digital standard for every room, does it again. DM 3.0 is not a product. It's a set of core, standard-setting technologies embedded in the DM product line. Only DM products meet all core requirements: uncompressed bit-for-bit 4K/60 distribution and scaling; streaming AV; an enterprise-class solution; and end-to-end scalable solutions for every room type.

4K - Leading the way in 4K

Only DM delivers a certified, end-to-end 4K/60 scaling and distribution solution right now. In fact, DM was built to handle 4K since our very first 8X8 switcher. Additionally, only DM Ultra Cable can reliably transmit 4K signals up to 100 meters, meeting the HDMI specification.

To help facilitate a smooth transition to 4K and ensure the continued success of AV systems integrators, Crestron introduced its 4K Certification program. Under this industry-first program, manufacturers can submit their 4K sources and displays to Crestron to ensure that they:

  • Deliver true 10 Gbit/s data rates to get the signal to its destination
  • Interface with DigitalMedia to handle cable lengths found in integrated AV systems
  • Work with other 4K products in a DigitalMedia system

4K - Leading the way in 4K

Streaming removes any distance limitations and enables you to route signals wherever new wires can't be run, or when doing so is cost prohibitive. Only DM gives you the ability to deliver high-performance H.264 streaming video over your existing IP infrastructure and zero-latency, uncompressed video distribution on the same platform. Other manufacturers' streaming-only solutions can't transmit uncompressed 2K or 4K video. They have to compress it. As a result, image quality suffers.

The limiting factor in all this is network bandwidth. But, with DM, you don't have to worry about it. DM only requires 10 Mb/s, out-of-the-box, whereas others require up to 880 Mb/s. That means you get unlimited streaming without having to upgrade your entire network infrastructure to support it.

Ideal applications for DM streaming include signal routing between buildings or global offices, digital signage, and mobile device connectivity. With so many practical applications, no DM system is complete without streaming.

HDCP 2.2: content protection for the 4K era

To combat piracy, Hollywood Studios successfully lobbied for new Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect their content. As a result, HDCP 2.2 was adopted. However, currently installed systems won't transmit HDCP 2.2 protected content. The good news is upgrading is easy with DM. We anticipated potential disruptions to your AV systems, and so once again DM is ahead of the curve. DM includes everything you need to deliver fully HDCP 2.2 compliant end-to-end 4K distribution solutions right now.

Making connections, worldwide

DM offers the widest range of connectivity and switching options in the industry. It's a complete line of 4K-compatible products: switchers, transmitters, receivers, extenders, wall plates, input and output cards, and scalers, plus DM Ultra Cable. All products are engineered to work perfectly together to meet the needs of any sized installation or configuration.

Our award-winning DM solutions simplify and enhance the lives of millions of people every day. DM is integral to the daily operations of tens of thousands of installations worldwide, representing millions of unique connection points. Our DM clients include Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, prestigious hotels and resorts, premier healthcare facilities, retailers, and government agencies. They trust and rely on DM. And they know that we're committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction - it's our Priority 1.

It's after the sale that a company reveals its true colors

There are tens of thousands of certified DM engineers and technicians - more than any other AV industry certification - in every major market around the globe, ready to assist you, if needed. This includes our award-winning True Blue Service and Support Team, an elite group of dedicated, on-call technicians who can be on-site, anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. For Crestron dealers and partners, system design help is available right in your web browser, with our Live Online Design Assistance.